2022 research

Posted on Sun 30 October 2022 in dev • Tagged with talks, gpg, smart-home, sstic, nullcon, mch2022, black-alps

By the end of this year, I will have given four talks this year.

I did some research on GnuPG (GPG) memory forensics with my colleague Sylvain Pelissier and presented that research at Nullcon Berlin 2022 in April, and then at SSTIC2022 in June.

I also did some research on …

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Setting up gpg-agent

Posted on Sun 30 April 2017 in dev • Tagged with linux, gpg

On Arch gpg-agent comes with the gnupg package so no other package is needed if gpg is already installed.

I use gpg-agent for temporarily caching the PIN for my Yubikey so that I don't have to type it everytime as well as for ssh-agent emulation.


Add the following lines …

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